when I found a store full of knock offs

It’s like a badge of honor when you find a really good knock off purse! It sells for a fraction of the cost that the designer purse would cost, but often looks identical. I mean, it’s a relief to the wallet, but it can be so tempting. Who doesn’t love the look of a designer bag but without the hefty price tag?
That was my dilemma when I found a store full of knock offs. I was standing there in the store with this little number in my hands. It looked almost exactly like the designer bag, it would have been impossible to tell. And, it was only a fraction of the cost. It was a no brainer, right?
Wrong! It turns out shopping for knock offs isn’t quite as easy as I thought. Sure, they looked the same, but when I started to compare the materials and hardware of the knock off to the designer original, it became apparent that these were inferior quality. I could see and feel the difference in the material, the hardware, and the stitching.
That’s when I realized that knock off purses often require a bit more of a discerning eye to be able to spot the difference. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Knock offs might be fine for things like clothing, but with purses you’re talking about something a little more expensive, so you want to be sure you’re getting quality.
I decided to take the plunge and still get the knock off, but I was careful to check the specs of the hardware and materials. I was happy to see they seemed to be pretty much on par with the reputable designer. Also, the stitching was good and the feel of the material wasn’t a dead giveaway that it was a knock off.
So, at the end of the day I got the bag at a fraction of the cost, and it looked similar enough to the original that I could pull off the designer look. Who’s to know it’s a knock off if I don’t tell?
Also, when I took a closer look I realized that the knock off purse had a few features that the designer version didn’t. Things like an extra built in pocket or a better organized interior. I couldn’t believe that I got all these extra features for such a low price – it was like hitting the jackpot!
For anyone wondering if knock off purses are worth it, I’d have to say it depends. You have to be more discerning to make sure you get a good quality product and you also need to know the specs of the designer version to make sure that the knock off is comparable. But, if you take your time to do the research, you could end up finding yourself a real gem.

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